Good News! What's Happening Now With COVID-19

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More than 100,000 people have recovered from the novel coronavirus, according to the latest figures from Johns Hopkins University.

Coronavirus Slowdown in Seattle Suggests Restrictions Are Working
Officials in Washington State worry that their gains are precarious, but they see evidence that containment strategies have lowered the rate of virus transmission.

See How Everyday People Are Helping Those in Need During the Coronavirus Outbreak

From Making Masks to Delivering Food, See How Everyday People Are Helping Those in Need During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Potential new coronavirus treatment involves blood-plasma therapy
Dr. Ian Lipkin, an infectious disease expert from Columbia University, recently told "Lou Dobbs Tonight" that a new blood-plasma therapy could help treat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

Former Fed Chairman Predicts ‘very sharp’ recession, followed by ‘fairly quick’ rebound

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke sounded an optimistic tone on the longer-term state of the economy, predicting in a CNBC interview Wednesday that while the U.S. is facing an acute recession, it shouldn’t last.

Cuomo Suggests "Density Control" Measures May be Working to Flatten Curve
Governor Andrew Cuomo says the PAUSE density reduction plan put into place across the city and state may be working and data is starting to show flattening curve and apex coming soon

WHO launches global megatrial of the four most promising coronavirus treatments

On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced a large global trial, called SOLIDARITY, to find out whether any can treat infections with the new coronavirus for the dangerous respiratory disease. It’s an unprecedented effort—an all-out, coordinated push to collect robust scientific data rapidly during a pandemic.

The coronavirus isn’t mutating quickly, suggesting a vaccine would offer lasting protection
Relative stability suggests the virus is less likely to become more or less dangerous as it spreads, and represents encouraging news for researchers hoping to create a long-lasting vaccine.

WHO officials say at least 20 coronavirus vaccines are in development in global race for cure

The World Health Organization is working with scientists across the globe on at least 20 different coronavirus vaccines with some already in clinical trials in record time

Rhode Island man hopes to be part of COVID-19 clinical trials
A Rhode Island man recovering from coronavirus said he has reached out to two research companies with the hope of becoming part of the effort to better understand COVID-19.

New York To Begin Clinical Trials For Coronavirus Treatment

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo states that drug trials to test coronavirus treatments will begin Tuesday, after President Trump on Thursday said the Food and Drug Administration approved one of the drugs for clinical trials.

Nobel laureate Predicts a quicker coronavirus recovery: ‘We’re going to be fine’
A Nobel laureate and Stanford biophysicist is predicting a quicker projected recovery after analyzing the number of COVID-19 cases in 78 counties worldwide, stating "there are clear signs of slowed growth."

No New Coronavirus Cases In Wuhan, China, Where Global Pandemic Began

There have been no new cases of the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours in Hubei province, China, including the city of Wuhan. Giving a strong indication that local efforts are making an impact.

Research Team Has Isolated the COVID-19 Virus

A team of researchers in Canada have isolated the Covid-19 Virus. The team is sharing their findings with researchers around the world to aid in the development of diagnostic testing, treatments and vaccines

Scientists Figure Out How The Virus Works, Helping Significantly In Developing Treatments

Scientists have discovered how the coronavirus bind with respiratory cells. This knowledge will help researchers significantly in development of drugs and vaccines

Starting To Return To Normal...China Opens Up Theme Parks Again

With the spread in China starting to come under control. Some parks and tourist attractions are beginning to re-open around the country.

Japanese flu drug appears ‘effective’ in coronavirus treatment in Chinese clinical trials

Japanese-made flu drug favipiravir (also known as Avigan) has been shown to be effective in both reducing the duration of the COVID-19 virus in patients and to have improved the lung conditions

Coronavirus cases have dropped sharply in South Korea. What’s the secret to its success?

Amid these dire trends, South Korea has emerged as a sign of hope and a model to emulate. The country of 50 million appears to have greatly slowed its epidemic.

All 42 Apple Stores In China Have Reopened After Closing Because The Virus

All 42 official Apple retail stores opened on Friday. It shut the stores in mid-February, as China put several cities on effective lockdown in a bid to contain the virus.

China Closes Temp Hospitals As Virus Cases Drops 

China has closed most of the makeshift hospitals opened to receive coronavirus patients in the epicentre as new infections in the country hit a record low.